A Life of Service

Those of you who regularly listen to Speaking with Deacons (and God bless you for doing so) might have noticed that my bi-weekly podcast became a monthly podcast last week. It was a crazy month with too many things going on, not the least of which was trying to finish up my diaconate formation. So something had to give, and it was this podcast.

I had actually thought the only SWD podcast I’d get to do this month would be something about my ordination, but thankfully Fr. Dave mentioned that Dcn. Harold Burke-Sivers was in town to film an episode of Franciscan University Presents. I reached out to him to see if he would be willing to record a podcast while he was in town, and he was kind enough to say yes!

Dcn. Harold is really fantastic and it was great to have him on the show. He has a book coming out in a few weeks called Our Life of Service and he shared both some of the content of that book as well as his own personal experience of being a deacon. If you want to more about him, go to https://deaconharold.com.

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