Misadventures in Switzerland (and Bob, Solo)

It was only while recording the podcast that I learned what happened to Fr. Dave last week. As you will hear, they wouldn’t let him fly through Switzerland because he wasn’t vaccinated, even though he had a test that showed he had antibodies (which is at least good as, if not potentially better than being vaccinated) and he also had proof that he tested negative for COVID. What is just as crazy is that he wasn’t even trying to leave the airport—he just needed to transfer to another terminal! COVID is a real thing and governments have the duty to protect their citizens, but sometimes it seems we have thrown all logic out the window. Especially since they let him roam around the airport as he waited for his flight back to the US. I feel very badly for those who have to enforce policies such as those.

I’m in Virginia right now which has been the “epicenter” of children’s educational issues. I got a chance to share with Fr. Dave how tough it is finding the balance of a) protecting your kids from harmful cultural influences and b) not isolating them completely so they can be a part of transforming the culture in the future. I pray to God I’m finding that right balance with my kids.

Tomorrow is the feast of St. Charles Borromeo, who is one of my favorite saints! I hope you enjoy the podcast. Thanks to all who gave me a shout out for my solo episode last week. I was glad to have Fr. Dave back.

Wait… I just realized that in the craziness of last week, I forgot to put last week’s “Bob, Solo” podcast on this page! Oops. I’ve included it below, too. It is about half the length of our usual podcast since there was only half of us there 🙂

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