I must admit I started this podcast in a bit of a down mood because of, well… this:

This was a custom Taylor I found many years ago at a guitar shop in New Hampshire. I used to own a few different guitars. When I got this one, I sold them all because I thought, “why would I play anything else?” Well, I now I have an answer. At some point, Fr. Dave tried to compare my anguish with baseball. The man has no heart. No heart!

But he does tell interesting stories, like how the Filet-O-Fish was created. So I think I’ll keep him around, at least another week.

In addition to my guitar depression, we also had a tremendous amount of technical difficulties with this recording for some reason. We needed to start and stop a couple times to get it right. My gratitude to the folks at FUS who edited the podcast together—it came out much better than I thought it would!

Alas, we couldn’t salvage the video. However, a young fan named Francesco put together a brief stop-motion Lego loop of us, so we used that instead! Enjoy 🙂

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