At the Movies

I love movies. I love going to the movies. And I really like seeing movies during a opening weekend in a filled movie theater. Fr. Dave knows this. So why was he mad that I saw No Time To Die without him? For the record, I will take him to Spider-Man: No Way Home. And I will go to the theater in my Dr. Strange outfit. Hey, it is no less weird than a habit.

I learned some cool things about St. John XXIII from Fr. Dave in this podcast, including a facinating reason as to why the Church picked Monday to celebrate it, even though it was neither his birthday or his deathday. (Is “deathday” a word?) Hint: It has something to do with Vatican II.

A reader asked a great question about finding peace in the midst of busyness, something I’m struggling with right now! On that note, I hope to have a new Speaking with Deacons podcast up next Monday.

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One Comment on “At the Movies

  1. I have Deacon friend. How do we find Deacon podcasts? Thanks JoAnn Wilbur

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