Sleep Deprivation

Well, now I know how Fr. Dave felt.

I had a great visit with my son Kolbe in Kansas last weekend, but I didn’t get home until around 1 AM on Monday morning. We normally record the podcast at 8. So I asked Fr. Dave if we could record later in the day, because I was sure to be exhausted. He “generously” said we could record at 8:30. Thanks.

Don’t know about you, but I feel like everything in my life has turned up a notch and I’m struggling to keep up. One of the victims of my busyness was I didn’t release a “Speaking with Deacons” last Monday, but I hope to next week (say a prayer it happens!). You might even notice this blog/video is a few hours later than usual 🙂

Tomorrow is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and I really enjoyed Fr. Dave’s reflections on the rosary that he shared in this podcast. I think it was a really fun episode, with the disclaimer that I don’t remember much of it because I woke up right before we recorded it and went to bed right after. So I hope it is coherent!

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