Same Show, Different Day

When I recorded this on Monday, my wife and my son were both in quarantine because they had COVID, and the fear of infection for the rest of my family as well as the challenge of trying to do my job and run the house… well, it got to me. It wasn’t more than a half an hour before we started that I had a fight with one of my kids and was freaking out about life in general. And I thought, “O great, I have to record a podcast about hope now.”

Two days later, I’m doing both better and worse. The home situation is worse since another kid tested positive and now we are all in quarantine. But I’m a bit more peaceful about it (mostly), in part thanks to some of Fr. Dave’s encouragement that he gave me in this episode. I hope you are encouraged by it, too.

So please pray for my family. Pray nobody else gets it and we can ride out our quarantine. And while it isn’t fun, I’m certainly grateful that it isn’t worse. No need for hospitalizations or extreme treatments, thank God. Some of you have been in that situation, are in that situation, or (sadly) will be. We are offering our suffering and prayers for all of you.

Last week we talked about how important it is that we are honest before the Lord, and I get pretty honest in this episode. I love how this podcast has become more of a community of friends than a “show”. It can feel like we are dealing with the same stuff that we were a year ago (and my apologies to the kids listening for using the word “crap” a couple times in this episode). But the Lord has done great things since then and will continue to do so. It is important to remind ourselves of that. I pray you are blessed by our conversation.

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