For the first time ever on They That Hope, we had a guest on the podcast: Rosie, my new puppy. She is awfully cute and extremely chill for a puppy. For those who care, she is a soft coated Wheaton terrier. I talk a bit about how we got her on the show.

And I didn’t think we’d talk much football since the NFL doesn’t kick off until Thursday, but forgot that college football had already started, so I had to listen to Fr. Dave drone on and on about Notre Dame. Is this how he feels when I talk about the Buccaneers? Nah, the Bucs are way more exciting!

We discussed some of the tragic things that have been occurring, like the floods in the Northeast and the death of one of my former students, Matt Hair (he was also an RD on campus). Please pray for Matt’s soul and keep his family in your prayers as well. It led us to talking about how important it is that we are honest before God, even when we are confused or angry, and how the Psalms model that for us.

Today we celebrate Mary’s birthday! Fr. Dave sang her happy birthday and we discussed what we love about her. One of the main points was how important it is to remember she was human, and being “perfect” doesn’t mean not feeling anxiety, pain, etc.

BTW, brace yourself for next week’s episode. I’m sure something will be mentioned about the Bucs. Enjoy!

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