9/11, Conversion, and Prayer

This past Father’s Day, I got a few copies of Deacon Kandra’s book, A Deacon Prays. Though not yet a deacon, I was blessed by many of its beautiful reflections, especially the “deacon’s rosary” of the Luminous Mysteries. So without knowing anything else about Dcn. Kandra, I reached out to him for an interview. To my surprise, he had heard of the show!

It was only as I was preparing to interview him that I realized his amazing story of how he heard the call to the diaconate. He was working at CBS news when 9/11 occurred, and one of his proudest accomplishments was working on one of the best documentaries of that moment. He had some really amazing things to share.

It was only mid-way through the interview (you can see the moment when the lights go on in my head) that I realized that I was planning to release this podcast in early September… the same week as the 20th anniversary of 9/11. God has a plan for things, doesn’t he?

So as we all recall the lives lost and the “war on terror” that began 20 years ago, let us also reflect on how God worked through that in the lives of many people, and brought them to deeper holiness because of it. Just like Dcn. Greg. Kandra.

You can purchase a copy of his new book at Amazon.com.

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