Franciscan Multiversity

I was in Florida when I recorded this on Monday. My mom finally decided to sell her house, and with this market it went quick! Unfortunately, the highest bid also wanted her out the door quickly, so it was more of a last minute trip to pack things up. Though I didn’t grow up in that house, my mom (and dad) lived there for over twenty years, so there are a lot of memories.

Fr. Dave knew it was a bit tough for me, so we talked about our homes and how hard it can be to let things go. I asked him what it was like for him to give up everything for a vow of poverty, and his answer surprised me! We live different lives 🙂 Speaking of different lives, how has he not seen the Spider-Man trailer?

When we recorded the podcast, the news was all about the hurricane in Louisiana and leaving Afghanistan (not much has changed). We talked about how to have hope in the midst of helplessness and accepting God’s will in difficult circumstances.

Some good friends of ours are getting married this weekend, and Fr. Dave actually is celebrating two weddings: one on Saturday and one on Monday! I am celebrating the 25th anniversary of my proposal on Friday. Fr. Dave shared some funny wedding stories and invited you all to share a funny story with us, if you have one. As always, email us at

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