Back to School!

I always enjoy this time of year, when my kids go back to school and classes start at Franciscan. Probably because I work at a college, but the end of August feels more like “New Year’s Day” than January 1st does.

We had an incredible weekend welcoming new students to Franciscan last weekend, and my son Bobby was one of them! Fr. Dave and I share some fun stories of what happened and the people we met.

I must admit I was behind on emails, so I tried to catch up a the beginning of the episode. Apparently, we have a lot of teenagers who listen to the podcast! I give them a shout out, with a promise that any teenager who emails us will get their name said on the pod.

A lot of this episode is a conversation about the saints we celebrate this week: St. Louis (who is a patron saint of the Franciscan TORs), St. Monica, and St. Augustine. We close with a famous prayer from Augustine.

We also talk about the Scriptural theme for Franciscan this year, which is Psalm 127:1. “Unless the Lord builds the house, in vain do the laborers build.” I wondered why we picked the “Yoda” translation of that verse, and I think I did a pretty good impersonation. Especially for that time in the morning.

Praying for all of you who are returning to school or having your kids go back to school!

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