Preaching for Conversion

I’ve always been impressed by how Fr. Dave preaches. To this day, I can remember specific things he said in his homilies, even from over a decade ago. And as I think about how I will get the chance to preach homilies (in just a few months!), I would love to do it as effectively as Fr. Dave.

So I was super grateful, not just that he would share with me some great advice on how to give a homily, but that he was willing to do it on my podcast so that you could get to hear it, too!

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One Comment on “Preaching for Conversion

  1. This is an amazing episode. I have always wondered how Fr. Dave prepares his homilies, so thanks for asking him to share! Even though I will never be a priest or Deacon, I can still draw from his methods to help me better “preach Jesus” to others.

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