Season Two

I really missed doing this podcast for the past two weeks, and it was great to be back with Fr. Dave! A good amount of our conversation was catching up with each other. Dave went to the beach, but I was on retreat!

The retreat was amazing and I share a bit about it in the pod. The focus was on healing and it was lead by people who had a great blend of spiritual wisdom and counseling training. It was a great example of how grace builds on nature, and I learned a lot about how my brain works! More importantly, the Spirit powerfully moved into some painful memories from my childhood and brought about healing. Praise God!

Of course, we talked about sports because deep down we want to be like the Tony Kornheiser Show. Fr. Dave was excited about something that happened in baseball, I made my obligatory Tampa Bay Buccaneers reference. But the conversation moved to some great witnesses of faith at the Olympics.

School is starting next week, both for college and for kids, and that is always an exciting/crazy time. I’m sure we will talk even more about that in the following episode!

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