Die Hard

I’m not exactly sure how “Die Hard” became a recurring theme of this podcast, but there are just some things we will never know this side of heaven. I’m sure it probably had to do with us recording this podcast in the evening (we usually record in the morning).

Fr. Dave thought it would be good if I threw in a lot of sound effects and, as you will see, that didn’t always go exactly as planned. Last week we asked if there were any teenagers listening, and we got some responses! One of them was particularly savage. But hey, at least they are listening. Thanks to all of you who take the time to send a message to us! We had a lot of fun discussing some of those emails.

Fr. Dave was in the West Coast and had breakfast with Jonathan Roumie who plays Jesus in The Chosen. We talked sports (as usual) and I learned that Fr. Dave really loves the Olympics. We also discussed two big upcoming feasts: St. Martha (who is a favorite of mine) and the Portinucla (which is favorite of Fr. Dave’s).

Next week, I will be on a week long retreat for my diaconate formation, and the following week Fr. Dave will be on vacation with his family. So we will be taking the next two weeks off. They That Hope will return on Wednesday, August 18th!

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