Authentically Licensed Prop Replica

Doctor Strange has always been one of my favorite superheroes. Maybe it is was because I loved the magic elements of Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia. When I played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid my character was usually a wizard (Magic Missile! 3X damage!) or at least something with magic powers. Now that I’m older, have some white in my hair, and actually have a doctorate, I feel even more connected to him!

Last Christmas, my wife got me what she thought was an “Eye of Agamotto” replica (that’s the necklace that Doctor Strange wears that has the Time Stone in it), but it turned out to be a small piece of jewelry. Somewhat disappointing. So we returned that and ordered a real replica, which just arrived at my house a few days ago.

So, of course I wore it to my recording of They That Hope. Why does Fr. Dave get to wear all the cool outfits? Okay, he only has one outfit. But still.

It was great to be face to face again as we’ve spent the past few weeks on the road calling in from various locations. Though we didn’t plan it (yes, we do actually plan things), we discussed the challenges of bring kids to Mass (not that Fr. Dave has any experience in that). Because I think deep down we wish we were doing a sports podcast, we talked about the Euros (soccer) and the NBA Finals. Finally, we discussed how we can share our faith in public and the wonderful example given to us by two saints the Church celebrates this week: St. Kateri and St. Bonaventure.

So grateful for all of you who listen and give us feedback. You can always shoot us an email at

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