Summer Vacation

This week, I was the one who wasn’t in Steubenville! I called in from Grantham, New Hampshire (where my mom has a place) while Fr. Dave called from in his spartan dwelling in the Holy Spirit Friary. My surroundings inspired a brief conversation about summer camps and vacations.

From there we talked about popular headlines in the news: abortion, transgender athletes, critical race theory, etc. Fr. Dave said the heart of all of those issues are a lack of understanding what a human person really is. I talked a little bit about how important it is that we do a good catechesis on creation. People need to know we were not made by luck, but by love.

We concluded by talking about yesterday’s feast day of Saints Peter and Paul. It is easy to underestimate the significant divide between Jews and Gentiles in the time of the early Church. They are a powerful example of how the Holy Spirit can bring together two very different groups of people and unite them in the Body of Christ. It is so important that we don’t approach each other as topics to debate but as people to love. We pray at the end for the grace to be able to do that.

Next week Fr. Dave will be in Austria. Let’s hope his background is more interesting!

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