Calling all in youth and young adult ministry!

I’m incredibly excited to share with you something amazing that will happen on our campus at the end of July. It is called VOICE + VISION: The National Summit for Ministries with Youth and Young Adults.

With the completion of the Synod for Youth, the V Encuentro, and the publication of Christus Vivit, we are left with lots to ponder, discuss, and evaluate. However, it is also time for some action. I firmly believe this is a new Pentecost for those in ministries with youth and young adults, and like the first pentecost, we are left asking, “When then shall we do?”

That is the very question we are going to be asking at our Voice + Vision Summit. The Synod was international in scope, so what does it mean for us in the United States? Much of the focus has been on those in their older teens and twenties, so what does that mean for jr. high and high school ministry?

We will be gathering leaders, practitioners, and academics from all over the country (and throw in a few bishops as well!) to try to come to some actionable ideas of how to more effectively do ministry with youth and young adults. I like the tagline we put on the webpage: “We are looking for participants, not attendees.” Brief presentations and panel discussions will lead to group conversations about what to do next. I’m really excited to see where the Holy Spirit will lead us.

Two requests. First, PRAY FOR US! Pray the Lord brings everyone He wants to be there. And second, if you think you are called to be a part of the conversation, then COME JOIN US! You can register and find more info at

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