Introducing… Steubenville Worship!

This last weekend was not only the start of a new summer conference season, but the launch of a new ministry… Steubenville Worship!

For over the past decade, I have led worship at the summer conferences as “Bob Rice and the worship team” or “Bob Rice and the band”. Some summers we came up with names (I think one of them was “Bob Rice and the Random Knives”) but for the most part the way the worship team was titled gave the implication that it really about me with a bunch of other musicians who back me up. However, that doesn’t reflect the reality of who we are or what we do.

I’m thrilled to lead the group, but I’m also just a part of it. Many don’t realize that Dan Bozek, who plays bass on stage, also acts as the music director for the group and does an amazing job in helping everyone play the right parts. Everyone in the group contributes in one way or another. It really isn’t about, and has never been about, one person.

As I was putting the finishing touches on a live CD (now available!), I had to seriously think about who to put in the “artist” category. Though I sing most of the songs and also wrote a few of them, it is hardly a “Bob Rice” CD, like those that primarily feature my original compositions. I’m delighted that many others in the band get featured on the album, and to be honest in the future I hope that happens even more.

So I figured this was as good a time as any to make a name change: Steubenville Worship. I’m excited to see what the Lord does with it in the coming years!

Check out the nifty webpage I designed at It has a list of the music we played last weekend (and will have set lists for all the music we do this summer), brief bios for all the musicians involved, but most importantly you can listen to OUR BRAND NEW ALBUM! Hope you are blessed by it.


One Comment on “Introducing… Steubenville Worship!

  1. I am looking for the words to The Joy of the Lord by Steubenville Worship. I love the song! Help!

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