Help Me Run Dirty! $10K in 10 Days!

I am trying to raise $10K in 10 days, looking for 100 people to give 100 dollars to Dirty Vagabond Ministries, a group of amazing people who are dedicated to transforming cities one kid at a time. To donate, go to

Or, you can text “pghmarathon” to 41444. It is that easy!

Dirty Vagabond is more than a charity that helps poor people. We are passionate about evangelization. We believe that transformation happens through hearts be changed.

Dirty Vagabond Ministries aims at raising up saints in a grassroots effort and incarnational model of ministry. Our ministry in Dirty Vagabond Ministries, happens in conversation, relationship, and recreation, as opposed to formal youth group functions.

Though our goal is the same as any Catholic youth ministry program – raising saints, rooted in the sacramental life of the Church – our approach is different.The Dirty Vagabond youth workers live as missionaries, volunteering 3 to 5 years of their lives to be Christ among the people.

Please help!

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