St. John Bosco Conference

The St. John Bosco Conference is a 4-day conference designed to provide thorough formation for people working in all areas of Catechesis and New Evangelization. Our mission is to equip individuals to be effective teachers of the faith, so that those they teach will come to know Jesus in a personal and powerful way.

The work of catechesis is at the very heart of the mission of the Church and the New Evangelization (Catechesi Tradendae 1). With a desire to renew the work of Catechesis, John Paul II reminded the faithful that, “If Catechesis is done well, Christians will be eager to bear witness to their faith, to hand it on to their children, to make it known to others, and to serve the human community in every way” (CT 24). The training of good catechists for the parish, school or college campus is key to carrying out the goal of delivering the deposit of faith in a dynamic, organic systematic way that leads people to Jesus Christ and to a true and lasting conversion of heart.

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