An amazing summer!

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 7.40.16 PM

In June and July, I was blessed to do 12 conferences! Six of them were Steubenville youth conferences (I hosted three and led worship for three). I even got off campus this year by hosting the first Steubenville Toronto conference. It was a truly amazing and incredible experience.

One of the most exciting things for me every summer is the band I get to play with. All amazingly talented, all wonderful people. They are (left to right) Andre, me, Ally (the secret band member—she ran lyrics for us), Dan, Emily, Taylor, Andrew, Kevin, and Nick. They were fantastic and exceeded all expectations.

More than a few people asked about the blog and the lack of posts over the past months. First of all, I’m glad you care! The simple answer is that I’m in full writing mode to finish my dissertation, so things like blog posts have taken a back seat. But I’ll try to not be too silent. See, I’m posting now! That’s a start, isn’t it?

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer!

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