And his name shall be called…

IMG_2283Apparently, I have a perfect track record when it comes to calling what the gender of our kids will be. I don’t actually remember that to be true, but my family says so. So when I felt pretty strongly that we were having a boy, but the ultrasound tech was “absolutely positive” it was a girl, I figured five out of six wasn’t bad.

But the streak continues…

Labor went smoothly, and thanks for all your prayers. When the baby was born, they asked us if we had a name. We said we weren’t totally sure, but we were thinking, “Felicity Rose.” The nurses looked at each other with an confused look and  the doctor responded, “Uh… that’s a funny name for a boy.”


I abruptly did some manly fist pumping in the air to celebrate my surprise son. Cheers and laughter ensued, even with Jen, which shows how much of a trooper she is.

So then the question… what is his name?

Between Facebook, Twitter, and texts messages, I think friends and family have suggested every name ever. But the whole thing was a bit overwhelming, so we decided to sleep on it and pray about it in the morning.

Well, we’ve slept. And we’ve prayed. And we are proud to announce to the world our new son, Aidan David Rice.

Here’s the stats for those interested: he was born July 10th, 2013 at 9:15 PM. He is 7 lbs. 3 oz., and 19 3/4 inches long. 

Aidan is a beautiful Irish name of many great saints. But the thing that tipped it for me was when my friend, John Magee (who is from Ireland) said that Aidan (which literally means “fire” in Gaelic) was the Irish for Moses. Not finding any proof of that on the Internet (the bastion of all that is accurate) he shared that a wonderful, holy, and sweet Franciscan friar we both knew (his name was Aidan, too,) said so. And that’s enough for us.

David was “a man after God’s own heart,” a musician, and was never afraid to be “undignified” for the Lord. I’m also friends with a guy named Fr. Dave, who isn’t too bad of a guy, I guess.

And as a catechist, I love having a son named after two of the greatest figures in the Old Testament. Moses and David  brought a deeper understanding of God to the Israelites. I pray my son Aidan David will do the same for the world.

Thanks for all your prayers and the outpouring of support we’ve received. We’re all doing great!

Well, almost everyone. My two daughters aren’t too happy with this. And then there’s all the girly outfits and dresses we bought…

I hope Aidan doesn’t mind a pink car seat.


11 Comments on “And his name shall be called…

  1. Aidan and Dave will be good intercessors for you baby Aidan David!!!! You are one lucky(blessed) little guy with a fantastic Mummy and Daddy! Great Brothers and Sisters and a whole lot of crazy friends in between!!!!

  2. Aidan is not a very popular name in the US. According to a statistical sampling of all births for which Social Security numbers were filed in 2000, Aidan ranks 113 for boys. In the decade of the 1990s, Aidan was the 370th most popular name for boys. It is a bit more popular in Ireland and Scotland, where it is in the top 50. It is less popular in England and Wales, where it is not in the top 50.

    Aidan is the Anglicized version of the Gaelic Aodhán. Literally translated, this means fire (Aodh) with the diminutive an as a suffix making it little fire. The name Aodh was often used on its own. It made it over to Wales and, following the Norman conquest, became Francified into the name Hugh. Thus, the name Aidan is the Gaelic predecessor to the name Hugh,

    Aidan is also an anagram for Diana, Aidan has an odd pet form: Mogue [Maodhog] (m)
    A pet form of Aidan given to St Aidan of Ferns (died 626). The name was adopted into Welsh as Madog. In Ireland it was anglicised as Aidan by Protestants, and Moses by Catholics.

  3. May I introduce you to blue spray paint? 😛

    Many blessings to your family and on congratulations on Aiden. He’s a beautiful baby!

  4. Guess my instincts are not as good as Bob’s. Since the girl’s name was going to be Felicity, I predicted their son’s name was going to be Felix. Oh well, I like the name Aiden David much better. God Bless all of you. The next one will be a girl.

  5. love it …have to remember that name. I have five grandsone, Issiac, Noah, Titus, James, Seth.

  6. Ha! Ultrasounds error strikes again! You go dad for being more accurate 😉
    I have a Felicity Rose, so I think you all have wonderful taste in name selection.
    Congratulations on the happy healthy birth!

  7. You two are so bleseed! Please know the Militellos are happy and praying for you all! Congratulations!

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