The big announcement is…


Sorry, but it’s out of my hands. I was told something would be available today, but now it’s not available today, but might be available any day now. What is this thing I’m talking about? I can’t tell you. But feel free to guess in the comments area, and if you’ll get it right I’ll just (subtly nod head.)

Meanwhile, last week I renovated my office. It’s a lovely collection of religious/academic/sci-fi stuff, just like my brain is. Come on in and take a look!

6 Comments on “The big announcement is…

  1. That was without a doubt the most enthusiastic presentation I’ve ever heard. Very glad to have visible proof the bronchitis didn’t kill you after all! lol

  2. I was really hoping the renovation would include a secret sliding bookcase door to access your office — just like your old one in NY had!! I loved that thing.

    • Me, too! Actually, while I was in Albany last weekend I drove the kids by the old house and the owner was standing in the driveway. So I quickly pulled over, got out of my car (kind of freaked the guy out) and told him I was the guy who put that in there. We became fast friends.

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