When allergies attack

Last weekend was the first high school youth conference of the summer. It’s something I look forward to all year. The first half of the weekend was amazing!!! And then…


So on Saturday afternoon I went for a run. That’s right kids—you can’t get this kind of a physique without constant exercise. It was super hot out and I pushed myself (because why would you spend time exercising and not push yourself?) It felt great. Came inside, had a glass of water… and sneezed.

Oh fudge, I thought. But I didn’t use the word “fudge.” (Not a big fan of fudge, personally.)

Another sneeze. Then another. Then another. I went into a sneezing fit that lasted for about a half an hour.

This happens to me a few times a year. The last time it happened, interestingly enough, was at NCYC. Coincidence? (The writer shrugs.)

I tweeted my plight and the twitterverse was helpful with their prayers and advice on all things sinus. I tried it all. I then tweeted:

I barely made it to the team dinner, where I spent most of it lying down on a row of chairs with an ice pack on my head (it was more like an iceberg. I asked for a cold compress and they gave me enough ice to chill a keg.) My good friend, Jackie Francois, was so concerned for me that she took a picture and posted it on the internet, because that’s what good friends do when someone is suffering.

My allergy attack calmed down a bit as I headed over to the field house where the conference was. My nose was like a slow dripping faucet all night long. It’s times like those I’m glad I have a beard because it acts as a natural sponge for my sinus excretions. Too much information? (The writer shrugs.)

The evening itself was an incredible experience of God’s grace. Or I was high with all the sinus medication I was on. I’d like to think of it as a “both/and.” I felt much better by Sunday, as you can see  below (this pic courtesy of Stephen Lanahan, who was kind enough to also tweet that I was one of his favorite professors.)

That’s right people, bow tie and sneakers. Did I mention I play accordion, too? Hard to imagine I even got a date, let alone got married. The headless giant I was talking to was Jim Beckman who did a great job hosting the weekend.

All in all it was an incredible conference experience. I just hope I’m more conscious for the next one 🙂

If you were there last weekend, comment on your favorite part. I’d love to hear about it.

6 Comments on “When allergies attack

  1. This was my first Steubenville trip and it was great! I was chaperon to 15 young people to whom I am teacher, DRE and friend in Christ. The witness of their faith and the faith of the hundreds of others there was indeed powerful. Though Christian Rock isn’t my
    ‘thing’, thank you for making God’s praise so accessible and enticing to so many!

  2. Loved the accordion. It has to be the first time I’ve seen an accordion used for praise and worship since my last Polish Muslims concert.

  3. Bob, I just want to thank you for indoctrinating me to read your blog (which I do regularly now, even without the promise of extra credit!). God bless you and all of your work this summer!

  4. Absolutely a wonderful confrence. I had so many favorite parts I’ll only name a few. I Shall Be Healed, Little Guy, and It Is Good had to be my favorite songs.The whole confrence was and always is moving. Deacon Ralph was wonderful too. I wish I could come back for the other three!

  5. You were amazing at the conference!! Didn’t even notice that you were sick! Little Guy:D great song. My favorite part of the conference was definitely adoration!!

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