At the intersection between Catholicism and Culture

First of all, thanks to all of you who reached out to me over the past month saying you missed the blog. I missed it, too! But I needed a break both to clear my head and re-work the entire site.

Do you like it? My gratitude to for making such a user-friendly blog/web-page. My previous webpage was hosted by Mac and created on iWeb. But Mac is shutting down it’s web hosting and it’s clear they’re not committed to the iWeb program (no updates in two years, no promise of a new version.) So I was forced to go elsewhere…

Glad I did. The ease of this page means it’s easier for me to blog without worrying about a lot of technical hassle. Previously, I found it difficult to publish blogs on the road. Now I can do it through my iPad!

But aside from the tech stuff, I’m most excited about the new direction of this blog. My previous blog was titled, “For the Love of God.” I focused my writing on things that would draw the reader deeper into God’s love. But this blog is about the intersection between Catholicism and culture. Of course, I’ll keep writing about God’s love. But I also want to show where God’s love can be found in the midst of popular culture.

One of my favorite lines from Vatican II came from a document called Ad Gentes. It was about the missionary activity of the Church. And it said that a missionary must live within the culture so they may “lay bare the seeds of the Word of God that lie hidden among their fellows.” (Ad Gentes 11)

Isn’t that cool? It’s easy to critique culture and assume the world is going to hell. But the real challenge is to find God within culture and lift that up for all to see. God is not somewhere else—God is HERE!

So that’s my hope for this blog, to reveal God in our midst. Of course, I’ll keep posting stupid stuff as well 🙂

My other big hope for this blog is that it would be a conversation. iWeb didn’t handle comments well, but WordPress thrives on it. I’d love to hear what you think about what I’m writing, and jump in frequently. I’ll try to leave some posts open ended so you can have your say as well.

So here’s what I’d like you to do. Post a comment right now. I guess I have to approve all first comments, but then it’s automatic. So say “hello” or “welcome back” and let me clear you so future comments can go right up as you type them. Also, if you could click around and let me know if anything doesn’t work, I’d really appreciate it.

My plan is to blog at least twice a week, though I’m not going to stick to “Monday/Thursday” like I did with my last blog ’cause I found that a bit too restrictive.

Thanks for reading this blog. It’s great to be back, and I really look forward to the conversation!

UPDATE: If you want to post a comment, click the grey “cartoon balloon” at the end of the title of this blog.