Between the Savior and the Sea

a novel by Bob Rice

When Christ was on the cross… where was Simon Peter?

Between the Savior and the Sea tells the Gospel story through Simon Peter’s eyes. It not only brings to life the famous moments of the Gospels, it also goes where they are silent: What miracles occurred when Simon Peter and the other disciples were sent off two by two? How did he know that Jesus was the Christ? And what was he thinking when he denied him? Led to experience things beyond his wildest imagination, Simon Peter felt torn between being a fisherman and a “fisher of men,” caught between the Savior and the sea.

This book is available at (also available on Kindle and Nook.) Here are some kind things folks have said about it:

Carmelite Review: “Besides telling the Jesus story from the perspective of the Apostles, Bob Rice uses the Ignatian spiritual technique of filling out the Gospel scenes with lots of sensory content—the smell of the sea, the sound of a room full of sleeping disciples, etc., etc. Yes, besides being a good psychological writer, Bob Rice is a good descriptive writer… (the book) provides some food for thought, it uplifts the heart and mind, and it can lead us to prayer. And that’s a good thing.”

Catholic Nerd: “This book is an easy read and a page turner… it turns the Bible into a compelling story without being ‘preachy’ or feeling like you are being forced to learn.”

Creative Minority Report: “Rice’s book is a fictionalized history of Peter. It’s a weird genre that makes me nervous because it’s tough to get it right. But I gotta’ tell you I think ‘Between the Savior and the Sea’ is darn good. I found myself moved quite often. It’s faithful and insightful. It gave me much to consider.”

Curt Jester: “As a novel I found much of it to be a rich meditation and I really liked the interactions among the Apostles and the portrayal of the political environment of the time and the different groups. Some aspects of the Gospels such as the disciples going out to preach I haven’t thought too much about, but I enjoyed how this was shown.”

Dominic Bettinelli: “’Between the Savior and the Sea’ accomplishes what every work of Christian fiction should aspire to, namely that as I read it and when I was done I was brought closer to Christ, to His Church, and to His sacraments. At times, I was brought to the point of tears as I contemplated Christ’s love and His sacrifices.”

Thinking in Christ: “You could almost forget you are reading a 2000 year old story as you work your way through these pages… The stories come alive with emotion that you might have never imagined being there.”

Books and Pals: “Biblical scholars and different Christian denominations can’t agree on all the specifics. However, the big picture, I think Rice got. For believers or the curious who find reading the bible hard going, Between the Savior and the Sea is an excellent compromise. For those who have read The Bible, the new viewpoint and easier reading might be something you’d be interested in reading. For non-believers, decide for yourself.”

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