Videos I’ve Written

One of the fun things I get to do is write scripts for short films. Here are a few of my favorites.

And here a list of everything I’ve written, with links!

“Love God, Love Each Other” This song I wrote with Righteous B is about how love of God and love of neighbor is inseperable. WATCH VIDEO.

“The Game of Life” Four teenagers play The Game of Life and learn about the true meaning of the sacraments of service. WATCH VIDEO

“Get Up and Walk” In this contemporary re-enactment of Mark 2:1-12, we see the need for us to bring each other to
 Christ for forgiveness and healing. WATCH VIDEO

“How do I go to Confession?” Whether this is a refresher or an introduction, this film creatively walks through the Sacrament of Reconciliation in a way that will stick with you. WATCH VIDEO

“It’s NOT Graduation” The general conception that Confirmation is “graduation” is challenged in this film using some interesting comparisons. WATCH VIDEO

“We Adore” Catholic teens reflect on the profound gift of Jesus in the Eucharist. WATCH VIDEO

“Initiation” A story-telling grandpa with an overactive imagination tries to explain the Sacraments of Initiation to his kids. WATCH VIDEO

“The Road to Emmaus” A special visitor joins Will at Mass on Sunday, and suddenly the Mass will never be the same. This video connects how the story of the “Road to Emmaus” from the Gospel of Luke is the foundation for our liturgies today. WATCH VIDEO

“The Seven Sacraments” This typographic film provides a brief overview of the seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church and the purpose each serves. WATCH VIDEO

I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins” An honest witness about how we all struggle with sin, and yet God is bigger than our sinfulness. WATCH VIDEO

“Pray for Me” What does the “communion of saints” mean for a teenager? In this video, a girl tries to bring her cousin back to the faith using the example and the intercession of saints. WATCH VIDEO

“You’re Dead. Now What?” Heaven. Hell. Purgatory. Particular Judgment. Final Judgment. What happens when we die? This film briefly covers the teaching of the Church on “The Last Things.” WATCH VIDEO

“Where’s the Body?” Sempronis and Alexander, the Roman soldiers assigned to guard Jesus’ tomb, have a problem. The body is gone. What do they tell Pilate? This film critiques arguments posed by those who deny the resurrection (Christ’s body was stolen, He didn’t really die, etc.) (ENGLISH) (ESPAÑOL)

“That 1 Day” Jesus Christ’s one day on the cross made our eternity in heaven possible. A reflection on “He suffered, died, and was buried. On the third day He rose again.” WATCH VIDEO

“And Became Man” Bishop Michael J. Bransfield and teens of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston reflect on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. WATCH VIDEO

“The Eucharist and You” Jimmy is an all American Kid! He’s got great friends and a loving family and also performs well in school and sports. He also goes to church and receives great strength from a very important source of life. (ENGLISH) (ESPAÑOL)

“Joy Story” In the hands of young Aaron, the nativity figurines (especially the angel) are transformed into 1st century action figures. After Aaron’s mother gently guides him away from that activity, the story of Jesus comes to life in the manger and an unusual participant in the scene learns about the important role Mary played in the salvation of the world. WATCH VIDEO

“Eternal Life” While planning ‘the weekend of his life’ with a couple of friends, a strange man appears and talks with Daniel about eternal life and what he can expect to experience. (ENGLISH) (ESPAÑOL)

“Creation” What are the chances of life on earth to have just ‘happened’? What are the chances of the universe to be in perfect balance to allow life to exist? This video takes a scientific look at creation. WATCH VIDEO

“38 Hours” After an earthquake leveled his son’s school building, a father digs through the rubble for 38 straight hours, clinging to the hope that his boy is still alive. “See what love the Father has lavished upon us!” WATCH VIDEO

“The Pursuit” I fled him, down the nights and down the days. I fled him, down the arches of the years. I fled him, down the labyrinthine ways of my own mind and in the midst of tears. I hid from him…

Based on “The Hound of Heaven” by Francis Thompson. WATCH VIDEO

“Evidence” Jenny is on trial for being a Catholic. The Prosecutor thinks he has a pretty easy case until Jenny’s delinquent Defense Attorney finally shows-up and presents a very compelling argument. If YOU were put on trial for your faith in Christ, what would the evidence show? (ENGLISH)  (ESPAÑOL)

“Zombies Vs. Jesus” WINNER—Best Short Film, 2012 John Paul II Film Festival. A young man awakens on a Sunday morning to discover that his family 
has turned into zombies. In a panic, he and a friend seek refuge in 
the one place they believe they will be safe: the town’s Catholic 
church. There they discover the truth about what they have encountered. (ENGLISH)  (ESPAÑOL)

“The Creed” When you recite the Creed, are you being real or are you being a robot? Do you even know what you are saying? Is there a difference between believing there is a God and believing in God? (ENGLISH) (ESPAÑOL)

“The Word of God” The Bible tries to help a teenager with his life… but he’s not listening. (ENGLISH)  (ESPAÑOL)

“When I Read the Bible…” What impact does the Bible have in a teenager’s life? This video talks about the importance studying, listening to, and praying with Scripture. (ENGLISH) (ESPAÑOL)

“Face to Face” Some things are best said face to face. This video was written as an introduction for a catechetical session to talk about the importance of the sacrament of Reconciliation.  WATCH VIDEO

“Tech Talk” In this episode of Tech Talk, show host Susan Baumann visits with two inventors who present cutting-edge technological inventions that help people connect with God. One is tried and true and has been around for centuries. WATCH VIDEO

“Holy Water” A teenager goes into Church and absentmindedly blesses himself with holy water when he hears a voice that asks, “Why did you do that?” Then the teen is taken on a journey where he discovers how important holy water (and Baptism) really is. (ENGLISH)  (ESPAÑOL)

“Remember?!” A girlfriend quizzes her boyfriend on how well he knows her. As it turns out, he barely knows her at all and can’t remember any of the important moments of relationship. Relationships are built on remembering, and “Do this in remembrance of me” is at the heart of the liturgy. This video is meant to be a fun introduction to that topic. (ENGLISH) (ESPAÑOL)

“Energy Crisis” A parish is facing a severe energy crisis: there is no enthusiasm with parishioners, no one is being evangelized, and they can’t even celebrate the Eucharist. What they need is the Holy Spirit. This video is meant to highlight the Holy Spirit’s role in the Church. (ENGLISH) (ESPAÑOL)

“Get in the Game!” Two people are wearing the same football jersey. One of them worked his entire life to make it on the team; the other person bought it at a store. Which person values their jersey more? This video is meant to be the introduction to a discussion on what it means to fully and actively participate in the liturgy. WATCH VIDEO

“Palm Sunday” WINNER—2012 Telly Award for “Best Religious/Spiritual Short Film.” A teen is bored with how long the Palm Sunday liturgy is taking, but suddenly he finds himself being pulled back and forth from the liturgy to the moment of Christ’s passion. WATCH VIDEO

 “Pray For Us” This video looks looks at the virtue of sexual purity using the examples of St. Joseph and St. Maria Goretti. WATCH VIDEO

“Ben and Barbara’s Six Tips for Sexual Purity” Using Barbie dolls, these funny videos point out important things to do for teens who want to stay sexually pure.

Episode 1: “Whatever.” Barbara learns that when tempted with sexual thoughts, we should think about “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is trustworthy…” (Philipians 4:8) WATCH VIDEO

Episode 2: “Flee.” Ben learns that one of the best things to do when sexually tempted is to run away! WATCH VIDEO

Episode 3; “Avoid.” Ben learns (the hard way) that it’s easier to avoid temptation before it starts. WATCH VIDEO

Episode 4: “Trust.” Ben learns that God will always provide a way out of sexual temptation, but only if we are looking for it. WATCH VIDEO

Episode 5: “Mercy.” Barbara learns that no matter what we do, God is not disgusted with us. He wants to show us mercy. Special guest doll: St. John Vianney. WATCH VIDEO

Episode 6: “Fasting.” Ben and Barbara talk about how fasting can help us with sexual temptation. WATCH VIDEO